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anti-burglary products - to strengthen rim lock staple and resist the forced entry of doors - Trade and DIY customers - buy online

HOW SECURE IS YOUR DOOR? supply a unique range of British made Frame, Door and Hinge Guard anti-burglary products to strengthen against 'kick-in' attacks.

Also - via this online shop - we sell complementary anti-jemmy devices to resist forced entry.

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Home Office statistics show that 71% of burglars target the doors of a property, usually by forcing a lock - October 2004.

Until they've experienced a 'kick-in' burglary, most people aren't aware that chiselling and removing wood to fit locks will unavoidably result in much weakened door security.

Because fitting most door locks involves removing wood, the weakened door or frame will split open around the locks and hinges during a forced attack or 'kick-in' burglary - unless extra measures are taken to strengthen the door by also fitting Staple Guard rim lock reinforcers and other security devices.

Kickstops do not require locking, bolting or activating and therefore cannot be forgotten.  They provide greatly enhanced physical strength and security constantly - each time the door is closed and locked.

Kickstop products are not additional locking devices and are designed to reinforce and strengthen the door and the door frame around the existing locks and hinges.

On improved security, the Metropolitan Police recommend fitting various products including a London bar, Birmingham bar, a lockguard kit, frameguard and hinge guard.

For several years now, Target Hardening programmes throughout Britain have used Kickstops - to great effect.


These products from the Kickstop range are currently available at January 2002 trade prices.


  •  Kickstop StapleGuard - Kickstop FrameGuard - Kickstop HingeGuard
  • Kickstop LockGuard (DeadlockGuard - SashlockGuard)



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